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Color Temperature Scale

It's important to pick the right color temperature for your setting. Color temperature describes the shade of white a light source has, and is measured in Kelvin (K). A higher Kelvin temperature is a bluer, cooler light while a lower Kelvin temperature is warmer, with a yellow/red appearance. Warm color tones are perfect for comfortable settings, while cooler tones are ideal for professional environments.

Find the right color temperature for you:

Warm (2700K-3000K color temp.)

Warm, Cozy, Open

Office Warm

Environment: restaurants, hotel lobbies, boutiques, homes.

White (3500K color temp)

Friendly, Intimate, Personal, Exclusive

Office White

Environment: libraries, office areas, retail stores.

Cool (4100K color temp)

Neat, Clean, Efficient

Office Cool

Environment: office areas, conference rooms, classrooms, hospitals, mass merchandisers.

Daylight (5000-6500K color temp)

Bright, Alert, Exacting Coloration

Office Daylight

Environment: galleries, museums, jewelry stores, medical exam areas, printing companies.